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The CCRT (core conflictual relationship theme), developed by Lester Luborsky et al.,
is a method for investigating repetitive relationship patterns.

CCRT-LU is a logically unified system,
developed at Universities Leipzig and Ulm.
Investigate it more within this page.

CCRT-LU is one of category systems of the CCRT method.
Originating in Leipzig and Ulm, it is being used and developed
by the free international network of psychotherapy researchers, psychotherapists and researchers.

Two basic characteristics of the system:
The long clinical and research experience lead
to a rich thesaurus of relationship qualities.
The system is unique for the Self and the Others,
as well for wishes and really experienced reactions.
These inner symmetries allow clinically meaningful comparisons.

The category system, currently in
German, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Chinese,
is available on this homepage for a free download.